Help Wanted

I want this blog to be a place for exchanging ideas and exploring a variety of viewpoints.


  • We can do that via interviews.

For example, the interviews with subguys were a great project. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I am making this a recurrent feature.

I also decided to do some interviews with dominant women. I hope to feature some of these regularly. If you missed the first round, email me! I’m hoping to do an interview once a month or so with a dominant woman.

I also interviewed Sugar Monster. She doesn’t classify herself as a dominant woman per se, but I thought she had some great things to say so I wanted to share her story too. We are going to call this category— Bonus interviews.


  • I’ve also featured some group discussion.

Here is a list of round table style discussions;

Private vs. Public Play, pros and cons

Kink and Religion (first of 4 parts, all posted consecutively)


  • Another  feature I’ve enjoyed hosting is guest posts, and here are the links to those;

Compersion, guest post by weezie

Guest Post by Peroxide

King, Sexuality, and Intimacy, by weezie

Kinky Two Shoes: On Searching for BDSM as a Virgin, by Peroxide


If you have suggestions I want to hear about it and if you are willing to join one one of these projects, let me know by emailing:


Thank you!

2 responses to “Help Wanted

  • cricketed

    Hi, I just spent several hours reading your blog, and it’s fantastic. Mine is located here: If you are still interested in interviewing submissive men, I’d love to participate. As you can tell from my blog, I’m a submissive husband kept in long term chastity by my wife. We are not scene people, but in the past few years we’ve become completely converted to to wisdom, beauty and naturalness of a relationship built upon core principles of female superiority and male humility and submission. My one regret these days is that I can’t share my beliefs with the world at large, although I wear a steel chastity cage all day, every day, in the professional world, with my family, my friends, and none of them have any idea about the wonderful world my wife and I inhabit. Being the subject of a candid interview with you would allow she and I, however anonymously, to become part of a very enlightened community. If I’m too late for the project, alas, but I’m very happy to have made your acquaintance via your writings.

    • dishevelleddomina

      I am so glad you decided to answer my help wanted ad, and thank you for being willing to participate!
      I am planning to do more interviews, some with submissive men, some with dominant women, and I’ve considered interviewing a couple together, which might be a good project for you and your wife.
      I have a variety of ideas swimming around in my head and I am always delighted to get some input about what other people might be interested in participating in, or would like to read.

      Please send an email to dishevelleddomina at gmail dot com


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