Oh, the horror…

I’m about to do something vaguely uncomfortable.

In addition to being an introvert AND an extrovert, aka. an ambivert, I am also simultaneously cynical and idealistic, and I also combined several other supposedly opposite traits and hold accompanying contradictory points of view thus ensuring that at various times I have my own soundtrack comprised of the nearly orchestral din of my cognitive dissonance.


Thought One- Teenagers need to be given freedom to explore and experience life. It is part of the maturation process and a healthy, normal thing.

Thought Two- Hellz NO, my 15 year old is not going to a mixed gender over-nighter at the home of a family I don’t know and have not heard great things about.


Thought One- Violence is never the answer.

Thought Two- Imma slap the fucker smart (this may take a lot of time and energy).

You get the idea.

The composition of this blog is the result of another one of those tensions. I simultaneously believe that I have many fabulous, important, and valuable things to say while also thinking 2/3 of what I say is internet flotsam and jetsam and being far more interested in what other people have to say. That is why right about 40 of my 87 posts are interviews, guest posts, or group discussions.

However, I’ve been asked several times if I planned to add an interview with me to the series about dominant women so I asked a gal if she would be interested in doing it. She took a while to get back to me and I was hoping I was off the hook. No such luck! She sent me these horribly lame question (the same ones I’ve been sending everyone else) and I’ve been muddling through answering them but then I had a thought.

I don’t want to bore you all with the nonsense I’ve already written about myself or stuff you don’t care to know, however, I do want to say interesting, valuable things. So tell me how to do that! I’ve added a page (link up at the top line) for reading to post questions. Stabbity and I will figure out some interview ideas based on the questioned posed over there. If no one asks anything I am going to assume I am off the hook again.

Either way, I win :D

P.S. Your questions to me may very well appear in the questions I ask other dominant women as well.

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4 responses to “Oh, the horror…

  • Steve

    I think you are not giving yourself enough credit. This whole series of interviews, with both submissives and dominants, has been so enlightening. You’ve introduced us to the many faces, facets, and opinions out there in such a refreshing manner. If your questions were “horribly lame” as you suppose they would not have brought out such diverse and honest answers. As I mentioned in my initial e-mail, when I first found your blog, this is like nothing I’ve ever come across, and I’ve been at this for many years ( okay a few decades). The nice thing is even with the wide range of personalities, interests, and different styles you have presented to us, there has been no judging or sniping. That is a rare thing these days. Don’t think for a moment that this isn’t a reflection upon you.
    As for your interview, I would suggest that you save it for last. Answer all the questions you have asked of the others and share those that you feel comfortable with. Different questions can be for future discussions. I somehow think there will be no mass exodus from your site as a result of your answers.

    • DD

      thank you for your very kind comments about the interviews. I have been so pleased that people are willing to openly share as they have and that the comment section has been supportive, politely inquisitive, and sometimes a real highlight of the post.

      I am not worried about a mass exodus really. People will continue to read and comment if they find things interesting and pass on by if they don’t, and either way is fine with me.
      I am glad to hear you think the questions are good. I guess since I know my own answers I just find them less interesting.

      I have been enjoying everyone else’s answers though

  • sunnygirl

    I don’t want to bore you all with the nonsense I’ve already written about myself or stuff you don’t care to know, however, I do want to say interesting, valuable things.

    You might have already written about yourself or think that it’s boring, but for those of us who are new to your blog, it’s not boring, we haven’t heard it before, and it saves me getting rsi from clicking “older entries”.

    So in summary, no, you’re not off the hook. ;)

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